ASG alumni Dr. Patrick Burr becomes a lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Australia

Former PhD and CNE student Patrick A. Burr was recently appointed Lecturer in Nuclear Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia. There, he coordinates and teaches on the MEngSci in Nuclear Engineering that was launched two years ago with the support of Robin Grimes and other colleagues from Imperial College’s Centre for Nuclear Engineering. The appointment is a joint position with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology organisation (ANSTO), providing world-class nuclear research facilities.

With the help of a small but growing team of students, and sponsorship form Westinghouse AB, Sweden, he is continuing his research on Zr nuclear fuel cladding, which was the main topic of his PhD, but he is also actively involved in the development of novel materials for advanced nuclear fuels (collaboration with KTH, Sweden).

His research interests span beyond the nuclear space, and he has close collaborations with the world-leading School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering at UNSW, looking at improving electric contacts and passivation of Si solar cells and enhancing anode materials for electrochemical capacitors. Patrick also retains strong ties with the Atomistic Simulation Group, with frequent visits and collaborative projects with many of the current and former members of the ASG.

We wish Patrick all the best with his career at UNSW.

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