Than Yan Ren

    Picture of Than Yan Ren

    I joined the ASG at Imperial College as a PhD student in October 2016. My project aims to improve understanding of irradiation processes in zirconium based cladding in nuclear fuels for fission reactors and also beryllium in the plasma facing components of fusion reactors.

    Simulation will be done using both Density Functional Theory and Molecular Dynamics methods depending on the type of structure under study. The motivation is the allow for more intelligent design of such materials. I am funded by the Singapore Nuclear Research and Safety Initiative (SNRSI), with which I did my Final-year Project under during my undergraduate studies in the National University of Singapore (NUS). This scholarship was initiated by the Singapore government in light of plans by neighbouring countries to develop nuclear power plants. The aim is to build up nuclear expertise in the country in order to allow us to play an active role in ensuring regional nuclear safety, develop plans against emergency scenarios and also to look into new generation nuclear power technologies.