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Images here was made by me mostly for fun and was choosen on almost random basis from huge home archive. Quite frequently this images are related to various aspects of science and math, but sometimes are not related to anything. I use my own custom buld software for modelling and rendering. For ray tracing I use PoV. You will probably not belive that a lot of this pictures was done by old poor 286/287/12Mhz/1Mb :-).

OK, this pictures was done not in real time, but Pentium 120 can make most of them in less that 1 second. But, look at this collection of 4K (four kilobyte) real time 3d demo with Phong shading. I was impressed, when I saw it.

Comments, opinions, suggestions, questions are welcome. More graphics and animation you can find at my home page.

Finite band's Fourier filtering of rectangular impulse.
z=sin(r)/r surface made from different materials
Polyhedras (perfect and not) Some related stuff.

My polyhedra's collection.

Computer generated trees.
Isosurface of C60 (more). Hydrogen's F10 wave function (more).
Lorentz's Attractor. Visualization of Arnold-Beltramy stream.
Wave function of 2-body 1D Hubbard model(more).

Julia set.
A Felix Klein's bottle. The Earth.
Orange? Yet another Julia set.
Steiner surface (x^2*y^2 + x^2*z^2 + z^2*y^2 + x*y*z = 0) . Steibach screw ( x = u*cos(v),x = u*sin(v),z = v*cos(u)).
z = atan2(x,y) . Holes ((1-cos(x))*cos(x) + (y+sin(x))*sin(z) + cos((x+z)) = 0).
Swiss chease (cos(x)*sin(y) + cos(y)*sin(z) + cos(z)*sin(x) = 0).
Isosurface of wave function of 3-body one-dimensional system.
Energy band's Riman surface of 1D periodical potential.
Different cycloides.
snails, snails, snails ...

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